Point of Sale Outdoor Media


Reach shoppers in the parking lot.

Point of Sale Outdoor Media

POSO Plays at a Granular Level:

Want Anglo Men, 25 -34 who work out regularly? Clear Lake Camino center in Clear Lake, Houston has 40,000 within 5 miles, and a very busy 24-Hour Fitness. Want Hispanic Women 18-24 who buy lipstick? Westover Marketplace in San Antonio has 80,000 within 5 miles.

Remember, people go to shopping centers to spend their money.

On the way in to a store, they see your brand on our media. It’s the best time to connect with those prospects.


And reach them again when they leave.

The Brands We’d Most Like to See in Our Displays:

Any product or service targeting our audiences will do well on POSO displays. Some categories and brands make more sense than others, so we’re using these images to show brands what their ads could look like towering above all the cars and people at our busy shopping centers. And we’re presenting the rationale behind our choices.

View our Art Template PDF for more information on how to best use your space in our outdoor media displays.

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Think inside the lot.

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