Our Company

Point of Sale Outdoor (POSO) was created by shopping center marketing people with advertising agency backgrounds and practical experience in property operations.

We knew first-hand the need of property owners to generate added income from their centers and understood the value to retailers and their suppliers of Last Word advertising placed where it would be seen by shoppers about to make a buying decision.

So we created a new kind of advertising signage specifically for retail venues.

Above: POSO Monument and Bollard

Completely solar powered, our signs are designed to be highly visible to shoppers, but to not interfere with the normal business of the centers where they’re placed.

All our signs are backlit, and easy to see day or night. But they are designed and placed to be neighborhood-friendly and to not offend any nearby residences. An on-board computer turns the lights off as the center closes for the day, and though our signs are very easy to read after dark, their LED light stays local.

We built our signs to be easily maintained and created a network of experienced installers and maintenance people. Then we trained them to do their work without interfering with tenants or their businesses.

And even though POSO ad media bring advertisers’ messages closer to the shopper than ever before, we have priced them to be quite affordable, so they can be contributing to retail sales month after month.

During any downtime, should there be any, we donate the space to the municipality the center is in, for its own Public Service Announcements, or to major charities.

And our signs don’t take up even one square inch of leasable space.

POSO — a whole new kind of highest and best use!