High-Quality, Solar-Powered Backlit Displays

POSO Bollard Dimensions

Live Area
47.25” x 66.5”

Two faces per unit
Visible above the traffic

Solar Powering

Completely off the grid, all the power we need for easy-to-read LED lighting is provided by the sun. So we can install either model without chopping your parking lot to bits.

Automatic Screen Backlighting

An on-board computer turns the backlighting on at dusk and off when the center closes for business. And though the backlit display is easy to read, it is neighborhood-friendly, and will not annoy neighboring residences.

Handsome Design

POSO signs fit any property. Monument signs can be customized to match your architectural design.

Property & Campaign Management

POSO has hands-on knowledge of retail property operations, and is equally comfortable with ad-speak.

Customer Support

Our entire company — all of our people, as well as our web site, is dedicated to supporting our landlords and our advertisers in every way possible. Try us! Contact Us for contact information.

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