POSO and Your Shopping Centers

We are always on the lookout for shopping centers that match the needs of our advertisers.

Property owners quickly see that we have a very good working knowledge of retail property operations, and respect for their investments in a center.

And the landlords we already work with will all be able to tell you that POSO pays its bills promptly, and that none have ever received a tenant complaint about us.

Some points about our signs and your center:

Anchored 3-6 feet into the ground, and raised from 1 to 7 feet above ground level (depending on if it is a monument or a bollard installation); each bollard is wrapped in an energy absorbing, brightly colored bumper, able to withstand a 5 MPH impact. A parking stop keeps cars from driving beneath the bollard unit. And the full unit has been stress-tested to withstand wind force in excess of 120 MPH.


POSO carries $2 million of insurance for every sign, and the landlord is listed as primary insured.

Most importantly, we only accept ads for products and services that do not compete with center tenants. So tenants will never complain about competing products or services being advertised near their stores.

If you are interested in adding some ancillary income to a property’s NOI, please let us know. We’d be happy to walk it – with your property manager, if that’s convenient.